The true History in Social Media.

The true story in Social Media is that many people think that everyone is happy, the photos have to be or seem a perfection … The reality is that it is not true, not everything that is put on or what happens on Instagram or Facebook etc are happiness, there are good moments of joy but many others of sadness but appearances are deceiving, life is about living it and appreciating it full of achievements of happiness but also of sadness, because we all have to work, pay bills, study, not forgetting the desperate moments we live with traffic or negative people who want to make your day bad, with or without problems, let’s be realistic and appreciate life as it is and love yourself first. 

Do you identify in particular with the subject of the always positive and happy image that we project on social networks? Here is my example

Let’s be yourself without limits, the most important thing is to participate and understand social networks. The pressures of seeing you well all the time is not simply in Social Media every day. All media it has been seen that one has to be thin with perfect measures that do not exist let’s be real and live life in a positive way without prejudice or judging anyone.